Episode 5


This was a livestream I did on Facebook live. I had to share because I drop a couple of gems in here and I take a live coaching call.

(You can see the whole video here)

Progress is something that allows us to continue on whatever journey we are on. It lets us know that we are doing the right things or going the right way. It can come in small incremental amounts however, and that can cause us to miss it. My best advice for you is to track your progress so that you can see it clearly, and always appreciate it. Never let what you didn't accomplish today stop you from accomplishing tomorrow.

As for the live coaching... wow!!! This was seriously fun and I'm looking to do it more. If you or someone you know is interested, please hit me up (either DM me on Instagram, or reach out to me of facebook).

Also i want to give a shout out to Telisha for calling in. Please check out her page on instagram: @19eighty.BeUrself It takes a lot of courage to share what you are doing live on a call like that. My only hope is that the conversation helps her to grow and succeed.

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